Teaching a Kid the Lesson of Morality and Responsibility without Punishment

Raising a kid while teaching him the lesson of morality and responsibility is never easy, but it’s something which the parents can’t afford to get away from. Well, I am not here to say that some parents, whose children are not that good at being responsible and moral, deal things with carelessness. It is more about the matter of not knowing what to do in order to raise a good, responsible kid.

So, there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration if you want your kid to be raised in a way you want. Those things are:

  • Guidance about moral principles
  • Staying connected with the child to make sure that he stays on the right path
  • Helping kid to manage his emotions
  • Making him brave enough to embrace the results of his actions

But, you should remember that punishment is never a way to raise a good kid. With the fear of punishment, the kid would not think about what’s wrong. He would rather tend to save himself from the punishment by any means.

Children usually like to follow. So, if you want your children to be good, you need to make sure that they are looking at good role models to follow.

Showing empathy to the kids

If you are being harsh in teaching the kids how to behave, you are actually choosing the hard way. Instead, it’s a lot better if you are teaching the kids the same thing by showing them that you understand them more than anyone. They’ll feel connected and they will start consulting you even for choosing the way to act.

The connection

There can be many reasons for the kids to get disconnected; for instance, when they get angry, when we get angry, when they are anxious, when they are emotionally upset and want to share those emotions, and lot more. Given the fact that parents are more important in their lives than anyone else, they are naturally inclined to act in the way we guide. So, we need to assure them that we are on their side.

Emotional guidance

If you want your kids to manage their behavior, you need to teach them how to control emotions. First, you need to accept the emotions by remaining compassionate. Allocate some time for playing with your kid and encourage him to be happy in any way he wants during that time. It would definitely be the best emotional guidance you can give to your child. By doing this, your child will be able learn about limiting and managing the behavior.


The way, which is surely not just another one, to give your child the best guidance is to discuss things. It means you will have to talk and listen to your children a lot. While everything we discussed above is very important, all of it would be worthless if you are not paying attention to a friendly discussion with your child.



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